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Our Missional Groups are more than just small groups. Missional Groups are groups of people committed to loving God, loving others, and doing it together. It is through Missional Groups that pastoral care is given, discipling relationships are established,  and mission focuses and neighbourhood initiatives are planned. A Missional Group is a place that we tune our ears and lives to what God is calling us to do in our neighbourhood.

At the centre of our Missional Groups are a group of people who have committed to a way of doing life together. It is a way to say that we are serious about following Christ together and a way to love and encourage each other as we seek to live out the covenant. Missional Groups meet weekly, sharing a meal together as well as studying God's word and other discipleship practices that help them in their faith journey.  Our Missional Groups go beyond a Bible study, each group works to tangibly live out what they have learned, in their neighbourhoods, both as a group and as individuals. 

There is no specific ages groups as we seek to create an environment where all ages can gather together and disciple and be discipled.

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