Calvary Baptist is excited to announce our plan to re-open on November 1st, 2020! We can't wait to see some familiar faces again. Guidelines for worship services can be found here.


How do we register for church?

All attendees must register for each service they will be attending. Please register on the website  for this week's service.

Do I have to wear a mask?

Yes, masks must be worn by all attendees at all times (including while entering and exiting the building). 

How will we keep social distancing?

Social distancing of 2 meters must be maintained between people who are not in the same family. Calvary Baptist staff/volunteers will place chairs in family groups with 2 meters between groups.

Will coffee be available?

No, coffee or any food/drink provided by the church will not be available. Government guidelines do not permit any food or drink in church services.

Will there be any additional programming?

No, there will be no additional programming, including kids' program. Activities for kids can be brought by their parents and must not be shared. No food/drinks are allowed.

Can I sing?

Singing is not recommended by the Government of Saskatchewan. However, you are allowed to if you wear a mask! So yes, you can sing.

How will we know where to sit or where to walk?

We will have ushers who will be instructing you on where to sit and how you get around! One way traffic will be a priority, with reminders of who can exit first.

Can I still give an offering?

Yes! We will have boxes in and out of the church which you can put offering in. Our online and cellular options will still be available!

Will there still be online services?

Yes, we will be live streaming our services! You can continue to find them on our Facebook page each week.

What other guidelines will there be?

Bathroom breaks will be limited as much as possible and coats, purses, etc. will all be kept with you rather than putting them on the coat racks.

Attendees, employees, and volunteers must not attend if they are symptomatic.


190 Rink Ave

Regina, SK S4R 7V5

10:30am Sunday Gathering